New Year Lecture ‘The Lion in the Cage’

On 6 January 2024, a lecture by lawyer Hando Taiki was held in Tama City. Young people and children attended, perhaps because of the unique theme of ‘The Lion in the Cage’. The lecture started at 1.30pm and lasted for three hours, but the lecturer’s speaking style was fun and the tempo was good, making the three hours seem short. The children listened quietly to the talk. In his speech, he compared the ‘cage’ to the Constitution and the ‘country (power)’ to a lion. I learnt that it is thanks to the ‘cage’ that we are able to say what we want to say freely and without worry, and that we are protected by the Constitution. To be honest, I thought that the Constitution was not directly relevant to me, but once again I learnt that it is relevant to our daily lives. The lecture made me feel closer to the Constitution.