Launch of “Ohanasitai”

Launch of “Ohanashitai” as our Association’s Activity

Up until now, Seiko Takase assumed the role of visiting elementary schools and overseas to tell the story of the Peace Bell, but that role will be shared with younger generations.

They will act as storytellers to “tell the history of the Peace Bell.”

As the first step, a team of four women, who used to be announcers, formed “Ohanashitai,” dubbed M’s, and gave a public reading of the book “The Story of the UN Peace Bell.” (The original text of the book was written by Seiko Takase.)

Please view the video on the website of our Association. (Note that the language is Japanese.)

You can listen to it in Japanese on the homepage.

* The meaning of a coined word “Ohanashitai”

– “wish to tell the story” (Ohanashi-shitai) and “team” (Ohanashi-tai).

* Action plans for “Ohanashitai”

– To increase members to act as a storyteller in various areas.

– To increase supporters of “Ohanashitai” to secure premises, not only schools but also various places, and to help publicity.



"The Association for the Preservation of the UN Peace Bell" is an organization different from the World Peace Bell.