Thanks to the wonderful activities of the students

 On 8 December 2023, we were contacted by Mr Kusu Kazuhito, a teacher at Uwajima Higashi High School, so we rushed over from Tokyo. The first-year students of the International Studies Club visited Taiheiji Temple, where they heard a lot about the parent bell of the UN Peace Bell, the Taiheiji Bell, from the chief priest, Mr Hoshino Ryushin. The bell was dedicated in 1950 by the future mayor of Uwajima, Nakagawa Chiyoji, who engraved the words “Long Live Absolute World Peace” in a wish for world peace. However, after 70 years, it had deteriorated and cracked, so it could only be rung on special occasions. When the students of the International Studies Club found out about this, they discussed the idea of building their own bell and donating it to Taiheiji Temple.We were moved by the passion of the students. We would like to support them so that they can realize their dream.