Akamatsu Prize awarded

On 13 May 2023, the Akamatsu Prize was awarded at the general meeting of the World Federalist Movement of Japan, with President Mr Mitsuo Ohashi presenting the Akamatsu Prize. The Akamatsu Prize was established in 1971 to commemorate the achievements of the late Ms Tsuneko Akamatsu, former vice-president and head of the Women’s Department of National Federation of Textile Industry Workers’ Unions. Since then, the award has been presented to women who have contributed over the years to the improvement of women’s status, the labour movement, the peace movement and local social welfare.
 I am delighted and humbled to have been nominated by Mr Hirotaka Kido, board chairman of the World Federalist Movement of Japan, to receive the Akamatsu Award.
 I would like to thank everyone who has supported us and will continue to do my best.
                                Representative: Seiko Takase