Peace Bell Introduced on Bulgarian National Television

On January 12, 2023, Mr. Borislav Iliev of Bulgaria, through our member Ms.Yoko Takikawa, who is currently a Japanese language teacher at Sofia University in Bulgaria, asked us to appear on the Bulgarian National TV program “PANORAMA” in a ZOOM interview.

The interview took the form of an interview with Bulgarian journalist Peter Georgiev about the origin of the UN Peace Bell, Chiyoji Nakagawa, the current activities of the Association, the invasion of Ukraine, and some other topics, and the interview took place on January 25 on ZOOM. Ms. Takigawa also witnessed the event.

Mr. Iliev informed us that the interview was broadcast in Bulgaria on January 27, and sent us an archived video saying it was very good. As we have mentioned before, Mr. Iliev found a 1 kg “UN Peace Bell” during his Shikoku pilgrimage and brought it back to Bulgaria, where he made and hung a Torii gate by himself.

Ms. Takigawa invited me once to give an online lecture at the Japanese Studies Department of Sofia University, and I have been inspired to do so.

Representative: Seiko Takase