The 6th Study Session

After a hiatus due to the Corona Disaster, we held our first face-to-face study session in two years on May 21.

The lecturer was Mr. Takashi Kumon, Professor of Asia University and a member of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association for the Preservation of the Peace Bells.

After the opening remarks by Ms. Takase, Director Katsura reported on the presentation of the Peace Bells to Ukraine and Russia,

Next, Mr. Kumon gave a lecture on the importance of “Being” education.

Mr. Onishi of the Festival Project spoke about international affairs, and the participants introduced themselves and spoke enthusiastically about their various jobs and activities.

Finally, Mr. Nakamura Hashigo, a Kabuki actor, showed a slide presentation titled “Prayer Bell for Peace,” which he created to convey the achievements of Nakagawa Chiyoji.

It was a wonderful and productive study session.