50th Year’s Miracle since Osaka EXPO’70

A pleasant surprise happened.

Chiyoji Nakagawa made 150 replicas of the Peace Bell, weighing 1 kg each, in 1970, when the Osaka World EXPO’70 was held.

He sent them to U Thant, the Secretary General of the United Nations, leaders in 141 countries and interested parties.

One of them presented and owned by the director of the Midorinoyakata, the Japanese Pavilion, was returned to us after 50 years.

The former director and his wife passed away last year, and the Peace Bell, one of the articles left behind, was found by their family.

The Bell looks quite new and must have been treated carefully.

It is just 50 years since the Osaka EXPO’70 was held, and we are excited about it very much.

We are sincerely grateful for the kindness of the family of the former director.