The Sacred Ceremony for Peace Bells at Kamakuraguu

On August 22, a ceremony was held at Kamakuraguu to mark the unveiling of the sister bell of the United Nations Peace Bell.

The bells weighing 4 kg were to be presented to Hiroshima City, Nagasaki City, the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, and the Embassy of the Republic of Gabon. The ceremony was solemnly held in the lingering summer heat with 15 people in attendance.

The ceremony began with a prayer of congratulation by Mr. Koiwa, the chief priest of the shrine, followed by the “Ootounomiya Dance” by the shrine maidens, followed by the offering of a tamagushi by those in attendance and the ringing of the bell in prayer for peace.

Following Mr. Koiwa’s speech, there were greetings by Representative Takase, Mr. Nojo, the chief priest of Tsurumine Hachimangu Shrine, Ms. Kusaka, a member of the Kamakura City Council, Mr. Nakamura, General Manager of Toda Shoji, and Mr. Miyake, a board member of the Japan-Gabon Friendship Association.

The Peace Bell to be presented to the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Gabon was donated by Toda Shoji.

Although it was a corona disaster, the ceremony was completed without delay thanks to the cooperation of the participants in preventing infection.


Participation in Hiroshima World Peace Flag Ceremony

On August 6, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial Day, I participated in the Hiroshima World Peace Flag Ceremony (WPFC). Every year on this day, a ceremony is held in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome (Genbaku Dome) at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to pray for peace by raising national flags of 194 countries around the world. This ceremony was held with Hiroshima as the main venue, connecting the United States, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, and other countries around the world via a live broadcast. At 8:15, when the atomic bomb was dropped, we prayed silently in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome to the signal of the Peace Bell at the Peace Memorial Ceremony site in Hiroshima. The flag ceremony began with the sound of the child bell of the UN Peace Bell. During the ceremony, I introduced the origins and significance of the UN Peace Bell. Passersby joined the ceremony in turn, waving flags from around the world and saying “May peace be in that country!” as they waved their flags.

After the ceremony, participants also rang the UN Peace Bell to pray for peace.

The next day, Ms. Suga, a member in France, sent me an e-mail saying, “I am glad that you could send out information about UN Peace Bell to the world”. Seeing the beautiful city of Hiroshima, which has recovered from the tragedy of the atomic bombing 77 years ago, I was reminded once again of the efforts and underlying strength of the people of Hiroshima.


Resonating the UN Peace Bell in San Marino, Italy

From July 12 to 18, I visited San Marino and Italy, to participate in the Peace Bell ceremony with the help of many people. The ABSOLUTE PEACE event was organized by the San Marino & Giappone ISSHO-NI Cultural Association and supported by the United Nations Public Information Center, the Embassy of Japan in Italy, and the Consulate in San Marino. On the 14th, there was “Japan 1945, Images form the Trunk” photo unfolding ceremony, the UN Peace Bell ringing ceremony, the Peace Conference, and the screening of “Grave of the Fireflies” were held at the Rimini Municipal Museum of Fine Arts in Rimini, Italy. On the 15th, the Peace Dinner, the Bell Ringing Ceremony, and Peace Mapping were held at Piazza della  Libertà in front of the Parliament in San Marino, and I was able to attend the Peace Dinner with Mr. &Mrs. Belluzzi, Minister of Culture of San Marino. A message from the Japanese Ambassador to Italy was presented. At the bell-ringing ceremony, I spoke about the history and significance of the UN Peace Bell, and rang the 90kg child bell of the UN Peace Bell, which had been already presented, to echo the sound of peace from the Italian peninsula and pray for absolute peace in the world.

Departure for Italy


the Rimini Municipal Museum of Fine Arts in Rimini , Italy


Piazza della Libertà in front of the Parliament in San Marino



The 6th Study Session

After a hiatus due to the Corona Disaster, we held our first face-to-face study session in two years on May 21.

The lecturer was Mr. Takashi Kumon, Professor of Asia University and a member of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association for the Preservation of the Peace Bells.

After the opening remarks by Ms. Takase, Director Katsura reported on the presentation of the Peace Bells to Ukraine and Russia,

Next, Mr. Kumon gave a lecture on the importance of “Being” education.

Mr. Onishi of the Festival Project spoke about international affairs, and the participants introduced themselves and spoke enthusiastically about their various jobs and activities.

Finally, Mr. Nakamura Hashigo, a Kabuki actor, showed a slide presentation titled “Prayer Bell for Peace,” which he created to convey the achievements of Nakagawa Chiyoji.

It was a wonderful and productive study session.


Activities during the consecutive holidays

Activities during the consecutive holidays

On May 5, a consecutive holiday weekend, I drove from Tokyo to Osaka to participate in the carp streamer event at the Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park. Dr. Satoshi Nakamura was very enthusiastic about the event, and I was glad that his wishes were finally realized this time. Everyone wrote their thoughts on the carp streamers, and I wrote, “May all the children of the world be at peace. We also held a bell-ringing event for the 4kg Peace Bell that we had brought with us. Children gathered and rang the peace bell in a curious way.
The next day, we traveled to Shikoku via Awaji Island to visit Warei Shrine and Taiheiji Temple. At Taiheiji Temple, there is a 400 kg “World Peace Bell” that was cast by Chiyoji Nakagawa, who collected coins from 26 countries after the war, and we were allowed to toll it. The sound was heartwarming.
After that, members gathered in Uwajima for a face-to-face meeting. We rejoiced to see each other again in good health after a long time.


Lecture at an Elementary School in Tama City

On April 29, I gave a talk on the “United Nations Peace Bell” as part of a moral education class at Renkoji Elementary School in Tama City. I had a chance to meet Mr. Sekiguchi, the principal of the school, when he heard me talk about the Peace Bell at a small lecture five years ago. I talked about the UN Peace Bell, which was presented to the UN by a Japanese with passion and courage, and how it has become a symbol of world peace, and about peace.

The students rang a 4 kg replica of the “UN Peace Bell” to pray for peace.