Activities during the consecutive holidays

Activities during the consecutive holidays

On May 5, a consecutive holiday weekend, I drove from Tokyo to Osaka to participate in the carp streamer event at the Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park. Dr. Satoshi Nakamura was very enthusiastic about the event, and I was glad that his wishes were finally realized this time. Everyone wrote their thoughts on the carp streamers, and I wrote, “May all the children of the world be at peace. We also held a bell-ringing event for the 4kg Peace Bell that we had brought with us. Children gathered and rang the peace bell in a curious way.
The next day, we traveled to Shikoku via Awaji Island to visit Warei Shrine and Taiheiji Temple. At Taiheiji Temple, there is a 400 kg “World Peace Bell” that was cast by Chiyoji Nakagawa, who collected coins from 26 countries after the war, and we were allowed to toll it. The sound was heartwarming.
After that, members gathered in Uwajima for a face-to-face meeting. We rejoiced to see each other again in good health after a long time.


Lecture at an Elementary School in Tama City

On April 29, I gave a talk on the “United Nations Peace Bell” as part of a moral education class at Renkoji Elementary School in Tama City. I had a chance to meet Mr. Sekiguchi, the principal of the school, when he heard me talk about the Peace Bell at a small lecture five years ago. I talked about the UN Peace Bell, which was presented to the UN by a Japanese with passion and courage, and how it has become a symbol of world peace, and about peace.

The students rang a 4 kg replica of the “UN Peace Bell” to pray for peace.



Visit to Russian Embassy

On March 22, Representative Director Takase, Director Katsura, and Director Takai visited the Russian Embassy and presented Ambassador Mikhail Y.Galuzin with a replica of the “United Nations Peace Bell” in hopes for peace.

We explained to the Ambassador about the Peace Bell and gained his understanding. The Ambassador explained in detail for more than an hour the background and history of the current Ukraine issue. We felt the difficulty about war and peace and also the difficulty of equality of information.

The Ambassador said that Russia is also praying for peace, and he rang the Peace Bell and hoped that its sound would reach the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan and the White House.

We also prayed for world peace with the sound of the bell.


Visit to Embassy of Ukraine

On March 18, Representative Director Takase visited the Embassy of Ukraine with Director Katsura. We presented a replica of the “United Nations Peace Bell” as a token of our wish for peace.

This bell weighs 4 kg, cast by melting down coins from around the world, and we held a ceremony at Kamakura Palace to mark the entrance of the bell, just as Chiyoji Nakagawa had done. Together with Minister-Counsellor Dr.Oleksandr Semeniuk, we rang the Peace Bell and prayed for peace to come to Ukraine as soon as possible.

In the reception room of the Ukrainian Embassy, there was a Doraemon donation box collected by Japanese children to support Ukraine, and we felt the children’s wish for peace.


Article of the UN Peace Bell published in San Marino newspaper

We, Association for the Preservation of the UN Peace Bell donated the 90kg child bell of the UN Peace Bell to Republic of San Marino in Jun, 2021.

Before we ship out the Bell to San Marino, we have done an intimacy ceremony at Kamakura shrine with participants. This ritual is an important ceremony that has been held since Peace Bell was sent to the UN Headquarters in 1953.

After the ceremony at Kamakura shrine, we have done announcements in Kyoto HBS Museum and Marunouchi near Tokyo Station. This Peace Bell was sent to San Marino.

The San Marino newspaper published two pages of interview article about history of the UN Peace Bell and the background of donation of San Marino UN Peace Bell.

Many coins donated from many people around the world are kneaded into the Peace Bell. And the gold letters of “世界絶対平和萬歳” are engraved on the same as the Peace Bell in United Nations Headquarters. 『世界絶対平和萬歳』means “ World Absolute Peace Forever.

We strongly hope that the war will end as soon as possible.

And We pray World Absolute Peace Forever in this moment.


No War in Ukraine!

Right now Russia has sent large army to the bordering areas surrounding Ukraine,

and media report that Russia would initiate invasion into Ukraine very soon.

The opponent forces, USA and NATO, face immediate crisis with Russia.

Once a war initiated, it affects not only confronting parties but other relevant parties as well.

People from Japan and other countries are taking action to evacuate from Ukraine.

It is not difficult to imagine that people in their home country, Ukraine, live uneasy days.

Who on the earth would want to see war happen! That must be weapon merchant, I heard.

War leaves refugees and orphan behind, and widen the gap between rich and poor.

I sincerely hope that leaders of major powers exercise endeavour; Respect sovereignty and

strive for world peace and human happiness.