Lecture at Japanese Studies Department, Sofia University, Bulgaria

On May 3, With the help of Yoko Takigawa, a member of the Association for the Protection of the UN Peace Bell and lecturer at the Japanese Department of Sofia University, Bulgaria, we gave a lecture on the UN Peace Bell to the students of the Japanese Department.

The lecture started at 6pm local time and was given remotely in Japan at midnight.

In addition to the students, Borislav Iliev, who found the 1kg replica of UN Peace bell on his pilgrimage to Shikoku, attended the lecture. And those who helped us with the world peace flag ceremony (WPFC) in Hiroshima(WPFC) last year also attended via ZOOM, and the lecture was accompanied by a projection of the presentation of many pictures about the history of the bell.

Dr. Stella Zhivkova was the main interpreter, and the fourth-year students took turns to try their hand at interpreting. Ms Takigawa emailed me to say that everyone listened intently, discussed and asked questions. We are looking forward to receiving comments and other information later on.

We would like to thank the Head of Japanese Studies Department Vice-dean of the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Prof Gerkana Petkova, who gave the final address, and we thank her so much for her efforts. After the lecture, everyone rang the replica that Mr. Iliev brought with him. A new connection with Bulgaria was made successfully.


Participation in carp streamer event at Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park

On April 29, Representative Seiko Takase, Director Masaaki Taniyama and Director Michio Takai participated in the Carp Streamer Event at Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park.

The head of the Global Cultural Symbol ‘Koinobori’ Project, Professor Tetsu Nakamura of the Momoyama Gakuin College of Education, is a member of the UN Peace Bell of Peace Preservation Association and has been cooperating with the Association’s activities.

The event took place in the square where the UN Peace Bell was presented by Chiyoji Nakagawa. A magnificent 10′ koinobori (carp streamer) was hoisted on a pole next to the park’s symbol, the Tower of the Sun, while a koinobori by artist Taro Okamoto and a koinobori on which children had written messages were hoisted on a pole by the Expo Pavilion.

The event started with an opening speech by Professor Nakamura, representative of the Koi Nobori-no-kai, followed by a speech by Representative Takase, and Shinji Tokunaga, the chairman of Tokunaga Koinobori Co.. The participating children wrote messages on small carp streamers, rang the 4 kg bell of the UN Peace Bell and enjoyed making large soap bubbles.
 The UN Peace Bell at Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park was cleaned up after the damaged roof of the bell tower was re-thatched and the ceiling was replaced.


Certificate of Appreciation and trophy presented

On 3 February, we visited Toda Shoji Ltd. We presented them with a letter of appreciation and a trophy for their warm understanding and great contribution to the peace activities of the Association for the Preservation of the UN Peace Bell over many years.

Vice-President Hidehiro Suzuki, Vice-President Hiromi Nohara, General Manager Hiroyuki Nakamura and Kentaro Suzuki of the Audit Department attended the meeting. Seiko Takase, Representative of the Association, presented a letter of appreciation and a trophy to Vice-President Nohara.

The trophy was designed by Mr Kazufumi Nagai, President of Hakuhodo Design Inc, who was introduced by Mr Mitsuo Tomari, a member of the Association’s Board of Directors, and is made of crystal. The symbol engraved on the trophy represents the sound of the Peace Bell echoing across the world’s five continents, praying for peace.

We are grateful for their contribution to our activities.



Lecture at Seikei Junior High School in Musashino City,Tokyo

On March 9, We visited Seikei Junior High School and gave a talk in the classroom. Seikei Junior High School is a private integrated junior and senior high school with a history of 100 years. The junior high school has a special research group “UNESCO School”. Mr. Miyamoto, the advisor of the group, had contacted us to ask about the background of Mr. Chiyoji Nakagawa’s creation of the UN Peace Bell, his passion for the bell, and the story of Ms. Takase, who had watched over her father.

The school had a free and cheerful atmosphere. The teachers and students welcomed us warmly and listened to us attentively. We had so many questions about what we can do for peace, what it means to love others, etc., that there was not enough time to talk. I could feel the energy of the students.

At the end of the session, the students rang the bell one after another and worshipped one another, which made me smile.


Presentation of the Peace Bell at the Embassy of the Republic of Gabon

On February 13, 2023, we visited the Embassy of the Republic of Gabon and held a presentation ceremony of the Peace Bell.

Ambassador Effangone-Obaghe and Counsellor Mouroumby welcomed us with smiles.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Miyake, representative of the Japan-Gabon Friendship Association, Mr. Kambayashi, Mr. Cho, general manager of Toda Shoji, and Mr. Sakai, representative director of Higashi Nihon Koun Co.

Representative Takase presented the bell to Ambassador Obaghe. When we first visited him on November 14 last year, we had brought a 4kg peace bell with us and explained our desire for the UN Peace Bell. From this, the Ambassador understood well the significance of this bell and said that the world today especially needs the Peace Bell, which is the wish of Chiyoji Nakagawa.

The Ambassador said that he would like to show this bell to everyone and is thinking of taking it to his home country of Gabon.

It was suggested that we visit schools in Gabon, and Takase will give a talk at the school and have the students ring the bell. Ambassador Obaghe will be working with us on this plan.

By the way, Gabon has a wide variety of fish. We enjoyed the panel explanation of the various types of fish.


Lecture at Hirai-Nishi Elementary School

On February 9, 2023, Representative Takase gave a lecture at Hirai-Nishi Elementary School in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. Former Principal Kasuga, a member of the Board of Directors of Association, also attended and assisted the event.

About 370 students from grades 1 through 6 attended the lecture, listening intently to the story of Nakagawa Chiyoji’s 1954 appeal for peace and presentation of the Peace Bell to the United Nations, and many students raised their hands one after another to ask excellent questions.A representative child from each class rang the Peace Bell, the sound of which will remain in the children’s hearts for a long time.

Principal Fujisawa, PTA president, and many other teachers also participated in the event, showing their passion for peace activities at Hirai Nishi Elementary School.