Memories of the Carillon Peace Gathering and Itami

9 November 2023, I attended the Carillon Peace Gathering in Itami City.
A concert commemorating the Day of the Bells of Flanders was held at the carillon tower erected on the ruins of Arioka Castle on the west side of Itami Station, with performances by Nakamura Kazuyo and Norisada Mari . The carillon was presented to Itami City by the Belgian city of Hasselt in 1990 as a symbol of peace and friendship. The weather was fine and many people gathered, and the sound of the carillon echoed in the blue sky.

A peace talk event followed at the Itami Municipal Theatre Hall, where I spoke about the Peace Bell and Nakagawa Chiyoji. Around 50 people attended the talk event. Most of them did not know about the UN Peace Bell, but there was one who knew Chiyoji directly. After the talk, the participants answered questions and rang the 4 kg peace bell I had brought.

 I used to live in Itami City for about two years when my family was struggling financially. My family of six lived in a rented room in a beer factory. I travelled one and a half hours hand in hand with my younger brother across fields and mountains to go to primary school. Itami is a place with deep memories.

 After taking commemorative photo, the event ended with everyone singing “Hometown” together. It was a pleasant time.


Representative Director: Takase Seiko