Participated in the 3rd “UN Peace Bell” bell-beating ceremony at Tsurumine Hachimangu

The 3rd “UN Peace Bell” bell-beating ceremony was held on November 27, 2021 at Tsurumine Hachimangu in Chigasaki. Representative Takase, Director Takai and Auditor Fujioka participated from the Defending Society. After a heartfelt prayer by chief priest Nojo, a congratulatory speech, and a cute shrine maiden dance of elementary school students, Shohei Iyasaka participated from Nara and sang “Iyasaka of Hope”.

After introducing about the peace bell by Representative Takase, the participants ringed the 4kg children’s bell of the United Nations Peace Bell in turn. After the ceremony, we had a small party and had a peaceful time. We received a lot of foreign coins from worshipers from Tsurumine Hachimangu.